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SAP R/3 is an ubiquitous enterprise software solution implemented in tens of thousands of large multinational companies who require fast, stable and reliable business applications able to handle millions of transactions in multiple currencies and possess international presence.


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This website provides information to the SAP user in regards to the SAP menu shortcuts (aka Transaction Codes or T-Codes) which, due to the immense complexity of this popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution package, might sometimes be not easy to find.

The primary purpose of this website is to provide the SAP user with ability to locate SAP Transaction Codes for the SAP functionality that the user seeks. This SAP resource lists more than fifteen thousand SAP T-codes and each entry is described with the T-code name (aka code), name of the SAP report used to generate the screen as well as a brief description of the transaction code's functionality.

The creators of this resource did their best effort to represent punctual and accurate information here; however, some errors might have occurred so use this resource for information purposes only.


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